Tuesday, October 7, 2008

people with attitude problem are just making this world stuffy and not even comfortable to live in.. "Shut up!" one of their favourites..even to the older ones can say that..cant they just behave as what they should they need to attend extra manner lesson? or is it because no one teaches them of how they should behave? what a pity.. when i see and experience what they do..i can only shake my head and try to forget it.. life is a colourful journey? problems? disappoinment? endless struggle? which will cause a worthless waste of time.. if i say am tired of living in this just too early for me to say that and am just facing the beginning of all this.. ueh..young teenage saying chym chym stuff! not appropriate haha..cheering up yourself = important? haha..cannot be EOM forever de! still hav great future ahead..haha you know, am thinking that i will graduate from sec sch then go to poly..from poly i'll continue to uni then much much my very own house - my design haha!XD then find someone (woohwooh..) ahaha..not thinking of that yet.. mm..shortly marry then hav children blahblah..see my grandchildren grow (waahwaah..) haha..then hav a very very happy life! then spend my aged times in harmony...hahaha was thinking of building my house on the seashore..haha sounds nice, right? but if there is a tsunami..then diedie le! haha so..change location! build my aged-times house at the peak of a mountain..haha hmm..maybe in himalayas..coz its the highest in the WORLD! tralalala.. its a mountainous area that hav no vulcanic eruption before and its getting higher and, if global warming cause water sea level to house will not lost! HAHAHA..such a great idea, i think.. mm..last night i could not really sleep well..i dreamt of such a weird+scary+haunting dream! mixed together..blehbleh then the weirdest thing of all is that.. i woke up in the morning with a scratch on my face..i hav no idea where it came from..then how can i hav that after dreaming that dream=.= was thinking of putting on plaster..but it would be very funny and ppl may think of oth stuf ba..or like EDDY! put on plaster to cover his PIMPLES! lol..after writing this and that i feel relieved haha.. if you hav been reading my post today, thank you ah! thank you for reading all my crap, anger, imangination! haha ica must have grown maturer day to day! hahah.. tmr will be having maths paper! oh! its my last paper, man! then followed by 5 days of sch holiday in a row! (wowwow) am just soo excited! haha k then..i must sleep, my children are calling me! whahaha..i miss them too! lol.. good night! post again another time:D may you'll be blessed by reading my post! haha.. talk crapcrapcrap! good night! hav a sweet sweet dreams!

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