Sunday, October 19, 2008

this moning..i was planning to go to sch to complete our infocomm project..
though i had been reminded not to go the end i did not go..
sorry heni darling, danah, ern and mr.ah nan for not helping:(

ya soo..this moning..i woke up quite early coz of my alarm..haha but it just for awhile ==> to stop the alarm and sleep again..hehe:D it was at 0558hrs..then received a phone call when i was half awake...just for awhile then slept again..haha unpredictably, i woke up again at 0752hrs..which i was suppose to be in sch for the project at 0800hrs.. but my sis kept saying..dont go lah..still sick..blahblahblah..etcetc..

everybody's gone out of the house..except me..alone..
was feeling a bit hungry but i hav no appetite..wanted to eat but we have nothing at home..
so, i dug our food cabinet..i found crackers..
then i fried egg with no oil add indonesian chicken floss plus indonesian sweet ketchup..
( this is a very special ketchup which you can find if you go to ayam penyet[: )
and this was what my granny usually did when she was alive:) ( oh, how i miss her>_< ) i had my breakfast alone.. so pathetic of me (=.=)"

hours seemed to pass very fast..
i did not know why, but today i really felt that i wan to post something on my blog..
hmm...i typed two posts..typed for half an hour..
when i was ready to post it..this sch com just turned LAG! oh mummy! it is so : !@#$%&%$#@! i typed another one..which is this! haha

mm..cannot be so eom for the whole day, man! haha dad called me..asked hows my condition..and blahblahblah.. reminded me to drink my medicine and vitamins! not long after that koko called me and asked hows my condition too! what a caring family:D love them so much..much much!

i turned on the tv and watch a tv show called rachael was pretty good..
she demo on how to cook chicken tortoille stew (if am not wrong..haha).. i watched every move she was a pretty simple dish to cook but still i did not know and did not understand how she cooked it and i had no idea on how to cook the dish..haiss..slow me(=.=)"\

in that show, there were 4 ladies who really liked to gossip..and they ought to do 'gossip diet' for 7 days..and i could see that is just very hard for them not to gossip and talk this and that..
hmm..lucky am not that gossipers..blahblahblah..haha
and finally they could pass that 7 days of gossip diet..wowow..haha

hmm..watching a make over show now..
it looks very scary when they do some kind of operation..then poke needles to the woman's face..ohmygosh!..then cut here and the result the woman become pretty..but its just not NATURAL!
somehow..i do not like this kind of surgery..coz its just make women pretty unnaturally..
they only like to be pretty from their angles..
appearance is not the most important important thing of all..
but is the beauty of ur heart..that would change people's opinion of you..
and appearance is number two!:D

i wander why people look more to appearance..
we have this phrase in indonesia saying "dari mata turun ke hati"
which means from eyes go down to heart - you see thet he/she is pretty then you will like him/her..
just could not believe that many people fall for girls and boys in this manner..
unpreditably world..

lol..i talk crap but its true:)

today..seem to hav no more appetite..
hmm..can i recover without eating food and only drink medicine?
tired of this sickness which make me must stay and rest a lot..

oyaa..tmr is olivia's birthday..she's gonna be E-I-G-H-T-E-E-N years old tmr.. OLD DA JIE! haha wish all the best for her..
be more mature & blessed and less bossy, da jie! haha

hmm..hav nothing to say le...
anyway i need to rest too..
post again later yaaa...___^

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