Friday, October 10, 2008

i went for hiking at MacRitchie resevoir and bukit Timah nature was qutie a long walk bah..during the hike..there were many unexpected funny things happened..haha it started when nkong (grandpa + mountain goat) and i planned to meet at lornie road which is near to mt.Alvernia hospital at 9 am..but in the end i was late and arrived to the place at 9plus! (which is almost 10am..haha).. when i reach there..i was not able to find him..and so he found me somewhere near the canoes renting place..those canoes remind me of the dragon boating! oh, fun! haha..when i was waiting for grandpa, i took some pictures of MacRitchie resevoir, here they are..

this path is only the begining of my hike yesterday! haha..we walked walked through the jungle! lol..then walked talked walked talked till i saw this plant! kinda cute! haha

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