Sunday, October 19, 2008

mm..summary for yesterday - 191008 :
> woke up in the morning..
> SATE..
> turned on the com..
> cooked breakfast for everyone:)
> played with photoshop..
> went to siglap cc to send koko donate blood..
> went home..
> bathed and prepared myself to go to the house of the Lord:)
> went to sanctuary for service..
> ate caramel cheese cake and strawberry
> realised that i had fever..
> sadly i ought to rest and did not go jalan2):
> so, i was "caged" at home to be taken care by koko..
> drank panadol..
> was resting but my mind was flying over to another place..
> felt like playing under rainwater but i could not..
> prespired till i must change shirt for three times..
> hmm..felt hungry..
> so i ate a lil bit rice with indonesia chicken floss:)
> took pictures of myself..
> ony twelve pictures in total..haha
> then feel bad for eating at 8+
> so, when i was going to bed..
> did 50 sit-ups and 50 leg-ups continuously..
> looked for medicine
> realised that the medicines that i had been taking were all expired(=_=)"
> so..i looked for another brand of medicine that i hav..
> found stopCOLD..drank a tablet of it..
> brushed my teeth..
> washed my face..
> changed shirt and went to sleep..

that was happy that my fever gone without 12 hours of! ye! ye! (n_n)"/

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