Saturday, September 13, 2008

We could be in love. - Lea Salonga & Brad Caine (verse 1)

[Lea Salonga]
Be still my heart
Lately its mind is on its own
It would go far and wide
Just to be near you
[Brad Kane]
Even the stars
Shine a bit bright I've noticed
When your close to me
[Lea Salonga]
Still it remains a mystery


Anyone who's seen us
Knows whats going on between us
It doesn't take a genius
To read between the lines


and its not just wishful thinking
or only me whos dreaming
i know what these are symptoms of
we could be in love

(verse 2)

[Lea Salonga]
I ask myself why
I sleep like a baby through the night
Maybe it helps to know
you'll be there tomorrow
[Brad Kane]
Dont open my eyes (oOOooO)
I'll wake from the spell I'm under
makes me wonder how
(tell me how I could live without you now)


and what about the laughter
the happy ever after
like voices of sweet angels
are calling out our names


(key change)

[Brad Kane]
all my life i have dreamed of this but i could not see your face
[Lea Salonga]
dont ask why to such distant start can fall right into place



oh it doesnt take a genius to know what these are symptoms of..
we could be (oo oh)
we could be
we could be in love
could be in
....we could be in love

this weekend i had nothing much to do - just homework and revision..
hmm..still looking for a room..havent found:(

oya..the song above is a very very old song de..
but its still in my top10! till now..

ica is nostalgia-ing! hahaha
come back to 70s..haha
i wonder if i live at that time..
- what clothes would i be wearing..
- what kind of hairstyle woul i hav..
- what kind of house would i be..haha
just wondering some random stuff...

today my sis watched some bollywood movie, i was going to take my clothes..
then i watched with her was kinda fun..
(whoowhoo..ica suka pelem india tah??haha:D)
stau ca sih..mostly GOOD bollywood moives are more to sacrifice..
a bit touching juga ada>w< haha..

last time, there was this very famous bollywood movie, titled : mohabattein..
that time it was really really famous and everybody's watching it!
included me! (whoowhoo..kaget! hayoo, ica ternyata ya!)haha
i bought the cassette..
i used to play it before i slept, it just last for few days..
coz i got a feeling that i wan to liten to another songs rather than the bolly*..hehe=D
**tetep ca ga tralu suka film2 india..**
**kesannya gimana gitu..**
**ga biasa kali yah...**

hmm...plan for tmr :
1. jog in the moning,
2. go to church then,
3. find a room to rent..
4. go home and revise!
5.then sleep! sleep! sleep!

rencana buat besok : hmm..besok sih ca mau jalan pagi terus ke gereja udah itu ca ada rencana buat ke chinatown cari kost-kost-an..tapi ca perlu seseorang yang bisa ngo chinese lancar!! keknya cici siewsiew bisa deh..hehe=D trus pulang rumah trus baca2 lagi deh... harus tetep bisa atur waktu nih..kudu punya good time management!
must work hard for my goals..

esp bwt Bapa yang udah kasi semuahna buat ca:)
ca mau senengin Bapa terus:)

p.s : giving my best to my Bapa, always! JYJY!:)

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